What are Dental Implants?

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If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may be the solution you are looking for. Dobro Dental Implants performs implant dentistry daily to restore complete and beautiful smiles for patients in the Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem, CO area. Dental implants are considered one of the most effective tooth restoration options available in general and cosmetic dentistry.

A dental implant consists of a titanium rod that replaces the function of the missing tooth root, topped with a natural-looking dental crown, bridge, or dentures replicating the missing teeth. The titanium rod is carefully placed in the gums, where it fuses with the jawbone to prevent gum and bone deterioration. This rod, or dental implant, serves as an anchor for the custom-made porcelain crown, bridge, or dentures that are secured above. At Dobro Dental Implants, we take great care to match your tooth restoration to the size, color, and shape of your natural missing teeth.

One of the greatest advantages of dental implants is that they are made to last a lifetime. While many other tooth restoration options require replacement every 7-10 years, dental implants can be permanent if cared for with excellent dental hygiene. You can care for dental implants like your natural teeth with daily flossing, brushing, and biannual professional teeth cleanings.

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art dental implant dentist to restore the gaps in your smile, call Dobro Dental Implants in Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem, CO today. We look forward to hearing from you!