The Dobro Dental Implant Advantage

When you choose Dobro Dental Implants, you can experience:

  • Successful implant procedures that are performed by a U.S. certified specialist, Dr. Neil Dobro, with many years of experience. Studies show that specialists have a higher success rate!
  • High-quality materials that last longer.
  • A 3 year implant guarantee plan that is included.
  • A CAT scan used on every implant placement; this scan eliminates errors and greatly reduces the likelihood of a failure.
  • Revolutionary accelerated healing with L-PRF when needed, resulting in less discomfort, stronger bone, and a stronger implant.
  • A procedure without an incision and no stitches, whenever possible.
  • Success in both simple and complex cases!

There are many options today in Israel when it comes to choosing your implant dentistry provider. Contrary to the popular notions though, dental implants are not just a commodity.

There are tremendous differences in the materials that providers use as well as the training, experience, artistry, and skill each provider has. There is also a level of comfort and trust a patient feels with the provider, which can greatly impact care decisions.

When people call around and are just comparing the price of implants, they are missing out on really understanding the various aspects that should go into their decision-making process.

Experience the Dobro Dental Implant Advantage for Yourself!

We would love to share the benefits of our expertise and technology with you. If you are still hesitating, we can share other reasons to choose our practice for your implant dentistry needs.

Give us a call today at 054 682 2425 to learn more about what Dobro Dental Implants can do for you. It just might be the best call you ever make.