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Dobro Dental Implants in Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh, and Jerusalem invites you to visit our warm, professional practice to see for yourself what we are passionate about: helping you achieve a new image and a renewed sense of well-being.

We are eager to provide you with long-lasting solutions to your dental needs. When you consult the certified Prosthodontist at Dobro Dental Implants, you are tapping into a wealth of knowledge about cosmetic and dental implant dentistry. The experience and knowledge that Dr. Dobro brought from the USA contributes to high success rates for implant dentistry, saving you from a series of expensive and repetitive procedures in the future. Your smile is Special; have it treated by a Specialist

Our expertise and skill are valuable resources for patients who are looking to improve their smiles and enhance their quality of life.

Hear from our Patients…

I sincerely believe that you can search the world for dental implant services and not find a better practice than Dobro Dental Implants. Dr. Dobro is exceptionally skilled and supportive, a rare combination. I experienced no pain during the procedures, but I also felt no pain afterwards – great oral surgery! On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience is a 10!
I have been a patient with Dr. Dobro (in the USA) for over 23 years. I’ve had crowns, fillings, and root canals. Dr. Dobro is efficient, displays decorum, and is a man that likes things done right. He and his team are like family to me and that is why I have remained with them for all these years.
I want to sincerely thank you for doing such an amazing job on my father’s teeth (Anthony)! He is a changed man and absolutely loves his teeth. He is so confident and smiles so much more! It was worth every shekel! Please feel free to use us as a referral anytime! Thanks again!
  • Delivering a proven, successful solution
  • Preserving a youthful appearance
  • Maintain your healthy teeth
  • Stability & Security
  • Comfort & Confidence
  • The Dobro Dental Implants Advantage

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Why Choose Us…

If you aren’t ready to commit to dental implant treatment, we offer maintenance treatment in our Efrat, Gush Etzion office. This can include dental crowns, fillings, and cleanings.
When possible, Dr. Dobro uses an innovative technique that allows him to place implants without an incision and without stitches.
When your dental implant treatment is completed, we won’t just send you away. We offer full service after care for years to come.
We can place single or multiple dental implants and replace up to a full arch with our “Implant Teeth in a Day Procedure.”
We are doctor-owned. Dr. Dobro sets all policies with the patient in mind. We are not employees who take orders from government or corporate executives. Dr. Dobro is a family man whose personal integrity and reputation are at stake. He will guide your treatment, caring for you as he would a member of his own family.
Dr. Dobro customizes every treatment plan and offers choices. The “Implant Teeth in a Day” procedure is a great solution, however it may not be for everyone. He always offers alternatives and explains your options in order to help you feel confident in your treatment.
We offer our unique Promise in writing as well as a guarantee to fix any dental implant problems that may arise at no charge. This guarantee lasts for three years after placement.
We never keep you waiting a year or more or rush to begin finalizing our restorations. Your dental implants will be fully fused into your jawbone and totally healed within three months or less. In full arch cases, your gums will be healed within six months or less. We never delay you, and we never rush. We promise because we care about you and your quality of life.
As a certified prosthodontist from the U.S., Dr. Dobro is both efficient and highly skilled. This means that we are able to offer a great value. We keep our fees competitive and affordable, so a better quality of health is within reach!
We are a warm and caring team with staff members of true professionals who work hard and do a great job. We are not pressured by government or corporate-mandated production targets. We like each other and like our jobs. We take our mission very seriously, but we often tend to be light-hearted. Come try us and a get a feel for the difference that we can offer you!

If you are considering dental implants, call our office today at [054-682-2425] or fill out the form on this page, so you can come meet with Dr. Neil Dobro and start on the path to a confident and healthy smile!

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