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Patient Testimonials

I want to sincerely thank you for doing such an amazing job on my father’s teeth (Anthony)! He is a changed man and absolutely loves his teeth. He is so confident and smiles so much more! It was worth every penny! Please feel free to use us as a referral anytime! Thanks again!

, with us since 2011

I never dreamed it possible to have “teeth” again after years of agonizing dentures. At first, fears prevented me from seeking a solution such as dental implants, many times I investigated several centers who offer implants and it wasn’t until I saw a commercial on Dobro Dental Implants that started the process that lead me to select Dobro Dental Implants. First, I met with Mark Foster; Treatment Coordinator, who spent every minute I needed answering my questions and concerns completely and reassuringly. The consultation was very impressive and important for such a big decision.

Then, with each appointment, I was introduced to each staff member and the services they perform: Soondis, Laura, Kristi, Fatima, Jim, Kela and Claudia are the team who warmly and professionally make you realize that you are a special patient at Dobro Dental Implants. They are all awesome! The integrity, experience, and compassion of Dr. Dobro and all the team members is unsurpassed, you know you are in the best hands possible (anywhere) to start a new lease on life with dental implants.

The best decision I have ever made was to have my dental implant procedure done at Dobro Dental Implants. Thank you Dobro Dental Implants!“

, with us since 2011

I sincerely believe that you can search the world for dental implant services and not find a better practice than Dobro Dental Implants. The physicians are exceptionally skilled and supportive, a rare combination. I experienced no pain during the procedures, but I also felt no pain afterwards – great oral surgery!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience is a 10!!!

, with us since 2010

I have been a patient with Dr. Dobro for over 23 years. I’ve had crowns, fillings, and root canals. Dr. Dobro is efficient, displays decorum, and is a man that likes things done right. He and his team are like family to me and that is why I have remained with them for all these years.

, with us since 1988

I am a new patient of only a few months with Dr. Dobro. I chose him because he accepts Care Credit and I need extensive work done. I am in the process of getting my new implants. Dr. Dobro is a professional and a perfectionist, he is meticulous in his work and very intent on making sure the work is done right. He is personable and his team makes me feel very comfortable even though this is a painful and uncomfortable process for me at the time.

, with us since 2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Dobro for about 5 years. We played on the same softball team. I was having a great deal of tooth pain and my regular dentist told me to give it awhile and come back. After several months with no results and more pain, I happened to be talking about it at a Sunday softball game and Dr. Dobro told me to come in to his office the next morning and he would look at it, no charge. I had a cracked tooth and had to have an implant. I feel as though Dr. Dobro is more than a dentist, he’s my friend. Dr. Dobro is super careful, trusted, professional, and he’s confident and compassionate. He cares for my entire family.

, with us since 2005

I’ve had a wide range of dentistry done – crowns, root canals and dental implants. I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Dobro is an artist as much as he is a dentist. I am an architect and I compare what Dr. Dobro does to architecture. Dr. Dobro is responsible in making sure that everything is done the right way. I feel that the technology Dr. Dobro uses provides me with a level of comfort that I would not get with other dentists. The technology makes the work streamlined and proficient. Dr. Dobro and his team care about their patient’s outcomes.

, with us since 2003

I chose Dr. Dobro because of location. I had dentures and switched to dental implants and I love my new mouth. Dr. Dobro is utterly fantastic, competent, welcoming and totally accommodating. Dr. Dobro considered me to be a real pioneer because of the extent of work I had done. On one such occasion where I had some difficulties and forgot my prescription at the office, Dr. Dobro actually went and had the script filled and delivered it personally to my door. There was another instance where I had a Friday appointment and something had to be re-ordered and the Doctor didn’t want me to have to wait any longer than I had to so he opened up his office just for me and had me come in on a Sunday. Dr. Dobro and his staff are wonderful.

, with us since 2008

I have been with Dr. Dobro for over 15 years. I researched a lot of dentists and found that Dr. Dobro was the best match for me. He is considerate, humble and professional. I have had everything from extractions and crowns, to implants and treatment of gum disease. I feel that Dr. Dobro and his team treat me like family. Dr. Dobro is courteous and concerned and gives you individualized attention.

, with us since 1995

I have been with Dr. Dobro and his team for 10 years. I chose him because of the location and the friendliness of the team. I have veneers for my front teeth and I love them! Dr. Dobro is a craftsman, an artist, conscientious, lives his convictions and I have the utmost respect for him. The team knows me by name and greets me nicely when I enter the office and they make me feel like a special guest.

, with us since 2001

I was referred to Dr. Dobro by a friend who was really happy with the treatment. He has done crowns and root canals for me. Dr. Dobro has really made a difference in my dental health. I feel like he hand-picked his team with great care, because they are an excellent and impressive team. Dr. Dobro is highly educated, understanding, caring and professional. I am impressed greatly with the follow up care Dr. Dobro provides. Dr. Dobro gave me his home phone number and cell number when I had my work done and told me to call if I needed anything and that made it a great experience.

, with us since 2006

I was referred to Dr. Dobro by a very satisfied friend. I currently have a full set of crowns and I am in the process of replacing those crowns with implants. The team is wonderful, thorough, genuine and caring. I feel that the team demonstrates a great deal of integrity in all that they do. They make me feel like a family member and their flexibility in scheduling has been a big help to me because I work nights. I am quite impressed with the accessibility of the Dr. whenever I need him. I was even given his home phone number in case I needed him for emergency assistance. I enjoy being a patient here and I will continue to recommend you to my friends and family.

, with us since 2000

This is a patient Dr. Dobro treated in the USA before coming to Israel.

This is a patient Dr. Dobro treated in the USA before coming to Israel.

This is a patient Dr. Dobro treated in the USA before coming to Israel.