What A Dental Implant Involves

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One of the first things a patient should do is learn about implants and if it is the best option.The best way to do this is to visit your oral surgeon and talk with him or her about the different options and concerns you may have.  Once you’ve decided that a dental implant is right for you, there are usually three steps that follow as you receive your treatment.
Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem Dental Implant Procedures Available

1) Dental Implant Placement: The doctor will surgically place the implant into the bony ridge of the jaw. As a patient, you will be numb during this procedure; however, you may experience some swelling or sensitivity after the procedure. Your doctor can prescribe pain medication to ease the discomfort during the healing phase.

2) Healing Phase: This period is the reason why doctors have found implants to be so successful. The metal used in the tooth implant procedure is designed to allow “osseointegration.” What exactly does that mean? Let’s break the word up. “Osseo” means bone so “osseointegration” means bone integration. The bone in the body will literally grow around and into the dental implant. This process creates a strong anchor that is a perfect place to attach a crown or other prosthesis.

3) Placement of the Crown or Denture: The time required for the healing phase is variable and can take many months for some patients. For others, the replacement tooth can be added the same day as the dental implant placement. There are many different options:

  • Single Tooth Replacement
  • Multiple Tooth Replacements
  • Full Arch Replacement
  • All-On-4 Permanent Arch Replacement

If you have any questions about whether a dental implant is right for you, Dr. Jeremy K. Miner DDS would be glad to help. Contact Dobro Dental Implants today.