Same Day Dentures FAQ

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Am I a candidate for the Same Day Dentures dental implant procedure?

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and the specialized training and experience of our doctors, even people with unique medical and dental conditions are candidates for the Same Day Dentures. Dobro Dental Implants will work with you and if necessary your medical care provider to guarantee you the most comprehensive care and treatments in Colorado.

Patients taking bisphosphonates are usually able to complete the Same Day Dentures procedure with ease.

In rare cases, when a patient is not a candidate for the Same Day Dentures dental implant procedure, Dobro Dental Implants offers numerous options for dental care. New Image is one of the only dental implant centers that offer full service dentistry.

Our comprehensive dental services are performed by licensed and certified dentists, oral surgeons and Prosthodontists which means our patients will receive the highest aesthetic results for all dental treatments without having to be referred to one or more offices. Everything is completed in one easy location in Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem’s Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem North neighborhood.

Is the Same Day Dentures dental implant procedure better than traditional full mouth dental implant procedures?

Traditional full mouth dental implant procedures consist of using a minimum of six dental implants and usually eight or even ten. In most cases, patients must undergo some bone augmentation (bone grafts) and sinus grafting followed by several months of healing before the dental implants can be placed. Traditional full mouth dental implant procedures often require a year or more to complete.

Same Day Dentures are quicker, much easier for the patient, and about half the cost of the conventional full arch approach.

Why is it called the Same Day Dentures?

The Same Day Dentures procedure uses four Nobel Biocare dental implants. Reducing the number of dental implants used to restore an entire arch of missing teeth also reduces the healing time, bone volume requirements and cost.

Each implant is placed with precision using 3D Cone Beam Imaging technology (CAT Scan) by our highly skilled specialists. Your teeth will be ready for insertion the day of your surgery, so you won’t have to go without teeth at any point in the process.

The Same Day Dentures provides you with beautiful fixed teeth in just one day!

What is the success rate of the Same Day Dentures dental implant procedure?

Dobro Dental Implants exclusively places Nobel Biocare dental implants. Statistically, Nobel Biocare dental implants are proven to have the lowest failure rate and the highest longevity of any dental implant on the market today.

Industry wide the success rate for the Same Day Dentures is 97.6%. In the rare case a dental implant does fail, your doctors at Dobro Dental Implants will place a new dental implant and ensure the results at no additional cost.

What are the typical steps for completing my Same Day Dentures Dental Implant Procedures?

For most patients, the Same Day Dentures process requires 4 to 6 months from start to finish and only 8-10 visits. This includes consultation visits, examinations, treatment and follow-ups. It is important to note Dobro Dental Implants will transition you into your final set of teeth when your healing is complete. Other centers may keep you in your transitional fixed teeth for up to a year! Your visits will occur something like this:

Visit 1 – Initial radiographs are done and the initial findings are discussed with one of our doctors. The doctor will let you know if you are a candidate for an Same Day Dentures. A treatment consultant will be with you during your visit to ensure all of your questions and concerns are answered. You will be told of all your treatment options and an initial estimate of the fees is given. Your only real decision that day is whether or not to commit to a Case Work Up, or visit 2.

Visits 2 and 3 – This is a comprehensive “Case Work Up”. It includes a very detailed examination. Any additional x-rays that are needed, almost always including a 3D x-ray, are done on site. Study models are made from impressions of the patient’s mouth. Photos are usually taken. Teeth shade and shape are decided upon by you with our guidance. All this allows our Prosthodontist and Oral Surgeon to collect the dental data needed to collaborate on your individual case. Our specialists meet together and discuss and plan treatment for every case. They then take more time to discuss every aspect of that plan with you. This appointment also gives you a chance to ask any further questions that you may have.

Once the doctors have completed their analysis and created a personalized treatment plan, all options are again discussed and any remaining questions or concerns are answered.

Once the plan is finalized a final firm price will be set in writing for your signature. It is usually the same, or very close, to the price set at the first visit. Your fee for the proposed treatment will then not change and there are no hidden costs.

Our master laboratory technician will immediately begin the work of fabricating your teeth.

The next step is to schedule the following series of appointments which will begin a big change for the better in your life:

Appointment 1 – You will get to see a wax version of your new smile which will be used to fabricate your interim prosthesis. While the interim is only worn for a few months, it’s important to us that you are happy and leave our office with a smile you can be proud of.

Appointment 2 – Implant placement and attachment of your interim prosthesis is the exciting next step. You should plan to spend the entire day with us.

You’ll spend the morning comfortably sedated while your implants are placed. The afternoon will be spent in the care of your prosthetic team, as they convert and affix the interim teeth to your newly placed implants. You’ll be able to rest in between treatment, as our prosthetic team works to finalize your interim prosthesis for you.

You’ll go home that evening with your brand new smile!

Follow-up Visits 1 and 2 – We’ll have you back one or more times to monitor your healing and ensure that all is going as planned. Any needed adjustments are made. During this time, your gums will heal and change shape, while your bone is bonding even more tightly to your implants.

Appointment 8 and 9 – After a 4-6 month healing period, new impressions are made for a second and final set of teeth. The final prosthesis is built over a CAD/CAM Milled titanium bar, which provides added strength so that your teeth can last a very long time: usually your entire life. This bar is never visible to you or anyone else. It is designed to be under your new teeth where it will always support them.

These appointments are short and very easy for you.

Appointment 10 – The placement of your final Same Day Dentures prosthesis is done in one visit. You may return for a short series of one or two follow-up visits to ensure that the bite and fit are comfortable.

The Same Day Dentures is a revolutionary approach for patients who have lost, or are in the process of losing, all their teeth. With the Same Day Dentures same day solution you’ll be able to eat and chew whatever you like, just as if you had natural, healthy teeth. We can restore the look, strength and function of natural teeth in one day!

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