Smile Advisor

At Dobro Dental Implants in the Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh or Jerusalem areas, we know that deciding on dental implants is a big decision. If you are missing teeth, it is important to us that you are informed about the various cosmetic and restorative procedures available to you, such as dental implants, dentures and dental bridges. We are happy to provide the Smile Advisor — an interactive resource to help you learn more about the best options for your unique dental needs.

To begin, click on “Start Smile Advisor” below. This is an educational tool that is meant to inform, but not replace the need to consult a dental professional.

Be sure to have your computer volume turned on so you can hear all of the information that is being presented.

By clicking “Main Menu” you will see a list of common dental concerns. Selecting any item from the list will start a video that outlines how cosmetic and restorative dentistry, including bridges, dentures and dental implants, can solve that specific problem. Some items will require selecting additional choices in order to better address your questions.

If at any point in the video you would like to pause playback, please click “Pause”. If you would like to see part of the video that has already played, click “Previous Screen”. To return to the list of dental concerns, click “Main Menu”.

After you explore your dental options with this tool, please contact Dobro Dental Implants at [054 682 2425 ] or fill out the form to the right so that we can help you take the next step and make your dream smile a reality.