Why Dental Bridges Are Becoming A Thing Of The Past

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Before dental implants, the most effective way to fill in the space of a missing tooth was to place a dental bridge. This entailed removing healthy tooth structure from the adjacent teeth so that room could be made to place a bridge. There are many reasons why a dental implant is a better option and here is a quick list to explain why:

Unnecessary Work: One of the most disturbing parts for most patients that are receiving a dental bridge is the idea of operating on two teeth that may be completely healthy. Whenever we work on a tooth and prepare it for a crown, we run a risk that the tooth will not react well to the stresses we place it under and it could die.

Cleaning: In order to clean a bridge properly, you must thread a piece of floss underneath so you can clean the span of the bridge and also the roots of the teeth that are holding the bridge in place. Many times, patients fall out of the habit doing this, which can result in decay.

Dependent: The success of a bridge is dependent on the success of both adjacent teeth. If decay is found in one tooth, the entire bridge must be replaced. If this happens to a patient, they will likely end up paying more than if they had chosen to get an implant originally.

There are many reasons why dental implants are a better investment that cost less in the long run. To learn more about your dental implant options, be sure to call Dobro Dental Implants for a consultation with Dr. Jeremy Miner.