State of the Art Implant Technology

Dobro Dental Implants is one of the very first offices in the Rocky Mountain region to use the amazing new technology called L-PRF.

L-PRF is a medical breakthrough that makes healing after implant placement quicker, more comfortable, and more complete. To understand how it works, we need to explain a little about the human body.

When the body receives a wound, it first brings special healing substances to the wound site. These substances direct the body’s cells to clean the wound, and then lay down new bone and soft tissues.

An incision made by a dentist-surgeon is an example of a wound. The healing substances are called “growth factors”. They are found in blood cells called platelets which are attracted to the wound site.

In the L-PRF technique we take a small sample of the patients’ own blood and use a centrifuge to separate out these platelets and their growth factors. When this blood extract is placed around an implant, the growth factors supercharge the normal healing process. The result is that healing speeds up dramatically.

Faster healing means less discomfort. Even more importantly, the healing is more complete: resulting in more and stronger bone growth around the implant. For the patient, this means an even lower rate of implant failure than before, and implants that are even more likely to last a lifetime. When this is combined with the advanced and top quality implants we use (all implants are not made equal), and the skilled techniques of our highly experienced specialists, New Image can offer you what other offices cannot.