New Image Dental Implant Specialists Calm Your Treatment Fears

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Dental Implant Placement Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And JerusalemIf you are one of the millions of denture wearers who are uncomfortable with dentures but afraid of the surgery involved with dental implants, talk to our oral & maxillofacial surgeon today. We often meet with patients who are apprehensive about getting dental implants. Many times, the fear comes from the unknown. Allow us to address some common questions people have about dental implants.

Will It Hurt?

One of the biggest deterrents from seeing the dentist is fear of pain. With dental implant placement at Dobro Dental Implants, we ensure that all of our patients are comfortable and relaxed before treatment begins. We also provide a variety of sedation dentistry methods, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation and IV sedation.

Will I Need to Keep Getting Implants Adjusted?

Unlike dentures, dental implants are a permanent tooth restoration. Because dentures are not attached to the gums, they need to be adjusted because gums constantly shift. With dental implants, the implant actually improves jawbone health and keeps the existing teeth from shifting.

Do Dental Implants Take Years To Place?

Your jawbone will naturally fuse around dental implants. Traditionally this has taken 4- 6 months. Using the latest techniques and the best implants, we are often able to reduce this time to three weeks or even the same day. Once this happens we will finalize the restoration with a dental crown. If you choose the All on 4 dental implant solution, we can almost always have teeth fitted to your dental implants in just one day.

What If The Dental Implants Don’t Work?

If your jawbone does not fuse with the implants or if there is any kind of failure within 5 years, New Image will replace them for you at no additional cost to you. We take pride in our work and promise you will receive full value for your investment.

Dr. Jeremy Miner is dedicated to providing a comfortable and positive experience to every singe dental patient. If you have more questions about implant dentistry or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.