Keeping Your Dental Implants Clean

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During a cosmetic dentistry consultation, many of our patients want to know how to keep their new dental implants clean. People who have missing teeth may have struggled in the past to keep their dentures clean. You should treat dental implants like your regular teeth, making sure to brush and floss regularly.

What else should you do to keep your replacement teeth clean? Schedule regular checkups after your cosmetic dentistry procedure. To schedule a dental implant consultation, contact Dobro Dental Implants today.

Although artificial teeth can’t get cavities like natural teeth, they can still wear away. Your dental implants will last you a lifetime if you take good care of them. Unlike dentures, dental implants won’t shift around in your mouth when your talk or eat. Those patients who have made the shift from dentures to dental implants find their permanent teeth much more comfortable. Your teeth will look and feel natural, boosting your confidence and your quality of life. Questions about cosmetic dentistry or dental implants? Give our experienced staff a call at 303-321-8400

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