Keep Your Dental Implants Clean

Categories: Dental Implants

You might think that because your dental implant is made out of metal and covered with a synthetic crown, you don’t have to worry too much about care. That’s not quite right.

It’s still very important to take care of dental implants just as well as your natural teeth. While it’s true that bacteria in your mouth doesn’t corrode your artificial teeth, the surrounding bone and gums can be. Keep your implant clean to ensure that the bone holding it in place stays there and is stable.

Follow these tips to make sure your dental implants continue to take care of you for many years to come!

Flossing and Brushing: Taking a few extra minutes to floss and brush each day can save you a great deal of money and time to replace dental implants down the road. As you floss and brush twice daily, pay close attention to the back teeth and in-between teeth. Gauze and floss can be used to clean plaque.

Professional Teeth Cleanings: Even though we try our hardest to keep every surface of our teeth clean, we are still human and miss spots. These areas of plaque can become hardened and unable to remove with traditional floss and brushing. Getting a professional cleaning frequently is important to keep all plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) off your dental implants.