Enjoy Family Meals Again With Bone Anchored Teeth

Dental Implants from New Image Dental Implants Help You Enjoy Meals AgainThis story is about a grandson and his grandmother. The grandson, Christopher, had heard that missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants and talked to us about his beloved grandmother and her toothlessness. He wondered if we could help her with new, bone-anchored teeth.

Grandmother loves to treat her extended family to dinner, and prepares quite a feast on Sundays. Over the years, Christopher noticed that his grandmother rarely sits with her family to enjoy the good food and fellowship around the table. There always seems to be something that needs to be done in the kitchen, keeping her away from her plate. A bowl needs to be refilled with gravy, more potatoes need to be served, or there is simply too little meat left on the serving plate.

When she serves herself, she always dishes up a minuscule portion and never spends more than a few moments at her seat. She moves the food around a bit to make it look like she is eating, but in fact she never takes a single bite. When he gets a chance to be alone with his grandmother, Christopher confronts her with his observations. At first she hesitates to reply, but then she admits to the desperation she feels about her edentulism and ill-fitting dentures, and how anxious she is about being exposed as toothless. She is not prepared to bear this disgrace, not even in front of her close knit family. For years, she has struggled to conceal her situation. She never eats a meal with other people, even though she loves the social interaction around a table and has actually learned to enjoy mashed and finely cut food.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. We operated and prepared a prosthesis, providing the grandmother with titanium implants in place of her lost natural tooth roots, and on top of them, we screwed on a dental bridge.

Christopher’s grandmother describes the experience as being reborn. At one annual visit after the other, she tells us of some new aspect of life she can now enjoy because of her bone-anchored teeth.

To experience the freedom to enjoy meals with friends and loved ones again, contact Dobro Dental Implants today.