Are Dental Implants Worth The Time And Expense?

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One of the top concerns when someone is considering dental implants is cost. But monetary cost is only one factor of a smile makeover.

Do you find yourself hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed? Many people underestimate the value of a smile. Smiles can benefit you in both your personal and professional life. Once you have replaced your missing tooth or teeth, you will be more comfortable flashing those pearly whites in any situation. It will not only change how you feel about yourself but also impact how others see you.

Time is another cost to consider. From consultation to implant placement to healing, a full dental implant procedure can take a few months to complete. This timeframe is very short though when you think about how long a dental implant lasts (20 yrs to lifetime). No more getting dentures adjusted or remade to fit your mouth.

Then there is comfort. Dental implants feel just like your natural teeth. Even a great fitting pair of dentures leaves you with worry that they will slip out at some point. That’s not an issue with dental implants. You also don’t have to worry about your speech being affected or purchasing denture glue and cleaners.

Getting dental implants can help avoid other costly oral health issues like damaged gums or loss of surrounding teeth due to jawbone loss at the site of the missing tooth.

Sick of your missing teeth being a factor when the menus are passed around? You won’t have to worry any longer about the softness of the food you consume because your dental implant will act just like your natural teeth. Enjoy nuts, hard pretzels and any other hard food you’ve been avoiding.

Implants are an investment in yourself.

It’s easy to look at dental implant cost and be overwhelmed. But consider how many areas of your life are affected by having a healthy smile. You may experience increased self-confidence. Studies have shown that the more you smile, the happier you feel. Can you really put a price tag on more fully enjoying life? Give us a call today: 303-321-8400.