Dental Implants: A Cosmetic Dentistry Breakthrough

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If tooth decay or gum disease has caused you to lose teeth, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans live with the health difficulties and lack of confidence in their smile. Until recently, dentures and bridges were the most common options to replace teeth. Some patients decided to switch to dental implants because they are a longer-lasting, more durable option. Dental implants are artificial teeth anchored into the jaw bone and can replace one or more missing teeth. Some places in the mouth are easier to implant teeth than others. It is typically difficult, for example, to replace back molars.

We’ll discuss your concerns and take your unique needs into consideration throughout the process. The ideal candidate for dental implants is one without any other oral or bone health issues. We’ll explore all your options no matter what your dental health history or situation is like.

Take care of your dental implants like you would your natural teeth. It is a good idea to schedule regular checkups even though dental implants don’t get cavities. If not properly taken care of, dental implants can wear away. Otherwise, you’ll have them for life.

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