Dental Implant Vs Fixed Bridge

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Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem Discussion: Dental Implant Vs Fixed BridgeIt is difficult to decide what is the best option between a dental implant and a fixed bridge.  This blog post will help you understand what you need to consider before making this decision.

Conservative: In order to get a bridge, you must shave down two adjacent teeth – whether they are healthy or not – to make room.  In addition, later down the road, if you have any decay or problems with those two teeth, then you will have to remove the bridge and you will lose a lot of the money spent and possibly more teeth.  A dental implant will not damage any adjacent teeth and is an independent restoration.

Longevity: A dental bridge must be refitted or replaced every 5-10 years because the gums and jawbone begin to shrink. Dental tooth implants permanently replace teeth, because they keep the bone and gums strong with a metal rod that acts as a tooth root.

Price: Sometimes seeing the price tag upfront for a dental implant can be intimidating, but it is a longterm investment. Because there are less teeth involved with a dental implant, there is a smaller chance of things going wrong with the restoration. There is a strong chance that you will need to replace the dental bridge down the road that will wind up costing you more in the end than if you had chosen to go with a dental implant initially.

Stability: Dental tooth implants are anchored into the jawbone, creating natural chewing and talking support. A fixed bridge or resin-bonded bridge can provide adequate support, but is not as substantial.

Lifestyle Flexibility: Dental implants are certainly easier to clean. With a fixed bridge, you will have to thread floss underneath to keep it clean, which is a hassle. Additionally, the dental implants are much more secure and feel like natural teeth.

Whatever your choice is in the end, be sure to consult with your prosthodontist to see what option would be best for you.