Dental Implant Benefits

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Dental Implant Benefits

If you have gaps in your smile, you are likely at risk for other oral health problems as well. When missing teeth are not replaced quickly, the underlying gums and bones can begin to weaken or surrounding teeth can shift. Multiple missing teeth can even cause your face shape to alter. As the appearance of your smile and oral health decline, self-confidence can quickly decrease as well. Dental implants provide a permanent tooth-replacement solution that benefits your smile, oral health, and self-assurance.Sunglasses Relaxing

Durable: Dental implants are the most permanent tooth-replacement option because they replace the tooth root as well as the tooth. A metal rod is placed in the gums, which fuses to the jawbone to provide sturdy chewing support for the artificial tooth attached to the top. Other tooth replacement options generally just provide an artificial tooth, leaving the underlying gums and bone to deteriorate.

Permanent: Dental implants often last a lifetime when properly cared for. The same dental hygiene habits of daily flossing and brushing, and regular dental checkups maintain the look and functionality of your dental implant.

Natural: A dental implant is made of materials that are naturally compatible with your body, so that the metal rod can bond with the jawbone just as a tooth root would.

Adaptable: A dental implant can effectively replace one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. If you are missing one tooth, a dental crown is generally attached to the top of the dental implant to complete your smile. For multiple missing teeth, several dental implants can be used to anchor full or partial dentures.

Fit Lifestyle: Dental implants are designed to fit smoothly into your current lifestyle. While excellent oral hygiene should be maintained, you can continue to eat the foods you enjoy and smile again with confidence.

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