Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem: A Prosthodontist Is An Expert In Dentures

Categories: Dental Implants

Why is it important to go to a prosthodontist when you need large bridges or dentures fabricated for your mouth?  It’s simple, a prosthodontist has attended additional schooling to learn how to make the best possible denture or bridge to fit just right for your mouth and bite.  If you have had issues with pain because a restoration or denture isn’t fitting correctly then it may be time to visit your local prosthodontist.

At New Image Dental Implant we have available the expertise of both a prosthodontist and an oral surgeon.  This highly increases the likelihood of success for your dental implant placement and also the fixed bridge, crown or All on 4 dentures that you may need placed after your dental implant procedure.

It’s true that dental implants can be expensive.  You can look at them as a long term investment that will help your oral health and prevent you from spending money on repairs that other forms of restorations may necessitate due to their disadvantages (a removable partial denture is a prime example of this)  Because dental implant procedures are expensive, it is a good idea to have this done with doctors you know you can trust.  Dr. Jeremy Miner DDS have a myriad of dental implant experience and are a very good choice if you are looking for professionals that you can trust