5 Reasons NOT to Get Dental Implants

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  1. oral surgeon Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And JerusalemConfidence. No one wants too much extra confidence, and you’d get a hefty dose of it with this permanent tooth replacement option. You’d be able to laugh, smile, talk, and eat without the need to hide or cover up your teeth. Better avoid arrogance and say no to dental implants.
  2. Eat the Foods You Love. With dental implants, gone would be the days of eating mushy and bland foods to protect exposed gums. You’d get absolutely overwhelmed with all the steak, corn on the cob, taffy, crusty bread, and chewy food that would suddenly become available to you.
  3. Permanent Replacement. No more denture relines. No more constant trips to the dentist. No more worry about needing to get your dentures or bridge replaced. We know you love your Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh And Jerusalem dentist and would miss them too much if you only saw them twice a year for your dental checkup. Keep those old dentures and enjoy more time at the dentist’s office, not to mention the excitement of never knowing when your bridge or denture is going to break or stop fitting right.
  4. Retain a Healthy Jaw Bone. Dental implants keep your jaw from atrophying. That means with a dental implant, you’ll miss out on the trendy sagging face shape that we’re all looking for in toothless fashion. You wouldn’t want to keep your face looking young and your smile looking bright and healthy.
  5. Proven and Effective. Dental implants have up to a 98% rate of success. They’re the most predictable and successful tooth replacement option out there. But don’t you want a little mystery in your life? We all like to take a chance, especially with the health of our teeth.

Just say no to dental implants: the most permanent, effective, confidence-boosting, life-enhancing tooth replacement treatment available. But if you really insist, call Dobro Dental Implants at 303-321-8400 and we’ll see what we can do. 😉